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Almost 20 years of Web100

Web100 is closing after 20 years of curating the best of the web.

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Chromebook choices abound: 3 top picks for kids

Chromebooks have become the computer-of-choice for many kids, for a number of reasons. They’re relatively inexpensive. They’re lightweight. And they’re easy to maintain.

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Instant photos, from Polaroid, with Zink technology

Polaroid’s been synonymous with instant photography forever, and now the company is using a new technology, from a company called Zink (as in “zero ink”), to bring a instant photos to a new generation.

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Headphones cost $549, but at least they look stylish

Headphones come in lots of varieties. You can buy cheap ones at the drugstore or office-supply chain, and you can buy very—very!—pricey ones elsewhere. Consider Master & Dynamic’s wireless MW60 headphones.

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Patrick Jean’s short film, shot on location in New York, depicts the invasion of New York City by 8-bit creatures. Strange and wonderful.

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