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How are websites selected for’s top 100 lists?

We look for the best. That’s pretty much it. Except, well, it’s admittedly a bit more involved than that. In fact, we consider a variety of criteria in selecting websites for’s top 100 lists. These include the following: our editorial team’s judgment of the site’s quality; the popularity of the site (and, in particular, whether the viral nature of the web increases its value); any awards, kudos, or acclaim the site has received. But it really comes down to this: We aim to choose the best of the best, looking for sites our readers will find useful, entertaining, or informative.

How do you assess the quality of a website? Isn’t that a subjective judgement?

Yes, it’s admittedly subjective, but it’s far from random. In assessing websites for inclusion in our top 100 lists, we consider these factors, among others: the depth and quality of the content; the effectiveness of services and tools; usefulness; design; user interface and usability. The importance of these factors varies, of course, depending on the website’s purpose. A website might have a bare-bones design, but that may be an asset, depending on what it does (think craigslist). And we ask ourselves plenty of questions about whether the site deserves to be on a top 100 list. Will readers find it useful? Will they be wowed by its services and tools? Will they bookmark it and return to it again and again?

Once you publish a top 100 list, does the order of the rankings stay the same?

No, the rankings evolve, just like the web—that is, as websites improve (or don’t), and as new and interesting sites come along, we change the rankings of sites within our top 100 lists and also add new sites (and remove others).

Do websites pay to be included in’s top 100 lists or other lists?


Do advertisers have any advantage in your selection process for top 100 lists?

No. Advertisers have no role in determining the content of’s top 100 lists and other editorial features.

Can we submit our site for one of’s top 100 lists?

Yes, you may submit a site to via our contact form.

I would like to write for How do I apply?

We’re looking for website reviewers able to write with flare and style. If you’re interested, please send us an email outlining your qualifications and why you would like to write for Before contacting us, please familiarize yourself with style of our website reviews. And to help your chances, think about writing a sample review of a site that you think belongs in one of’s top 100 lists.

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