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Our list of the best websites.


Google is everything. It’s search, of course, but it’s also a wow-inducing, ever-evolving storehouse for the world’s knowledge and information.

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Here’s your home online—where you stay in touch with friends, post your profile, update your status, and lots more.

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The world’s superstore, with top-notch product reviews and recommendations.

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For news, analysis and opinion about everything sports, from tennis to hockey to football to golf and beyond, you can’t beat ESPN.

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In today’s world, you need to make sense of technology, from e-books to digital cameras. CNET helps you in your quest for geekdom.

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Anyone looking for answers, or seeking to provide answers, should stop at Wikipedia, a collaborative encyclopedia with information about everything.

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Think it’s a chore to set up a blog? Not with Tumblr, the free blogging website that’s the self-proclaimed “easiest way to express yourself.”

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Never eat a bad meal again. Voice your opinions about local businesses (from restaurants to shopping) and read what others have to say.

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The online world is awash in video, and much of it is available at YouTube, a spot created by the videos posted by videographers like you (as well as industry bigshots).

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You can find (and buy) anything at craigslist, from a cheap couch to a used skateboard to a new job. You might even find friends.

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