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35“News Anchor Curses On-Air?”

It’s difficult to determine exactly what this news anchor said, but his co-anchor’s face is priceless either way.

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49“The World’s Worst Bid on ‘The Price is Right'”

Bob Barker tries to hint to this overzealous contestant that his bid is too high, but he doesn’t listen.

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60“Girl Forgets Boyfriend is on Vacation”

For some reason, it never gets old to read other people’s angry letters and e-mails that they assume will stay private.

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64“Man Drives While Reading a Novel”

This man should go down in the multitasker’s hall of fame for reading a book — and highlighting — behind the wheel.

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68“Fat Guy Breaks Photocopier”

We’ve all done it (or thought about doing it), but this man’s decision to photocopy himself doesn’t go as planned.

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82“Greatest Freakout Ever”

This kid’s so crazy that you can’t help but wonder if the whole thing is staged, but it’s still funny in an awkward, painful way.

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