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Summify helps you avoid information overload with periodic social network summaries

Between Facebook, Twitter, and all of your favorite RSS feeds, there’s a lot to keep track of every day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the near-constant barrage of information available online.

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Send your Pandora play counts to with LastPandora

If you’re one of the many users who obsesses over play counts and personalized music charts, then you probably hate that you can’t sync your account with your custom Pandora experience.

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Myspace redesigns, but does anyone care?

As anyone alive during the dot-com boom (and bust) will tell you, sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be a trailblazer.

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Trade Gmail’s ads for detailed information on your contacts

How often do you check out the ads on the right-hand side of your Gmail window? I’m guessing never.

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GetGlue: Check into movies, music, TV, and more

It’s great being able to use foursquare and Gowalla to check into your favorite restaurants, bars, and concert halls, but how many times have you found yourself wishing you could check into a movie or TV show and then share it with friends?

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Serious Eats

A crew of contributors dishes out recipes, nationwide restaurant news, and lively discussion on a site that is serious — but not too serious — about food.

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Twitter has evolved into a valuable tool for sharing online content via links, so it only makes sense to track the popularity of those links.

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Expand your multimedia-sharing options on Twitter by posting videos to TwitVid, and show off your pretty face and charming personality to the world.

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