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SlideShark lets you carry PowerPoint presentations in your pocket

If you’re a fan of PowerPoint, and the iPhone, then you may want to check out an app called SlideShark.

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Compare and contrast: 5 reviews of the Kindle Fire

So you’re thinking about buying a Kindle Fire, but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right tablet computer for what you want? Here are some reviews to help you decide.

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PCMag is known for its detailed reviews, and now the magazine is giving readers a chance to decide what’s the best among the latest in popular techno-gadgets: tablets and ebook readers.

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Telegraph: Why the printed book is doomed

More and more people are reading books on their Kindles and iPads and other e-reading devices, but there are still zillions of printed books being purchased, too. But is the printed book about to become a relic? Maybe so, says a writer for the Telegraph.

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Engadget: Toshiba Thrive tablet “doesn’t disappoint”

To be sure, “doesn’t disappoint” isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. The Toshiba Thrive tablet enters a market with lots of players, with more appearing all the time.

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Undivided featuring Snoop Dogg

Incredible. An animated video clip for Blush’s song “Undivided.” Made on an iPad using the Brushes app. Wow.

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Report lists the top-rated e-book readers and tablets

When it comes to tablets and e-readers, many people think there’s just Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. Is that the case? Not any longer.

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Choosing a tablet or e-reader: 5 tips from Consumer Reports

Looking for an e-reader or a tablet, like the iPad, the Kindle, or the Galaxy Tab? Here’s some expert advice.

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iPad alternatives? Here’s 20 of them

If you don’t want to buy an iPad, you’ve got options. That’s the gist of an article from TechRadar. Tablets are everywhere — well, the iPad is everywhere — and now there are lots of companies looking to latch onto the iPad craze with their own tablets.

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Will the Amazon tablet be cheaper than the iPad?

That seems likely, especially because the Amazon tablet probably won’t have a camera. Amazon plans to release the tablet in the fall, according to reports, and will view it, in part, as a way to allow people to buy (and rent) Amazon content on its own device.

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