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38“Bare Essentials of Safety”

Suddenly the pre-flight safety video is less boring when you add New Zealand accents and creative body paint.

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53“Proposal in Stop Motion”

How’s this for a way to propose: Lego characters meeting and falling in love in an elaborate stop-motion display of devotion. Wow.

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55“Lost Generation”

What seems, at first, like a list of clichés, becomes an inspiring visual narrative when put in reverse.

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56“Mattress Dominoes”

These people are having fun with their attempt at a world record, and it’s fun to watch — especially with all the grunts and “oomphs.”

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61“A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms”

The architect owner calls this 330-square-feet area the “Domestic Transformer.” Very cool!

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94“Deadline: Post-It Stop Motion”

A college project becomes a viral masterpiece in a brilliant stop motion video expressing a student’s struggle with upcoming deadlines.

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