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13“The Twitter Book”

Anyone aiming to make sense of Twitter, whether for professional or personal use, will gain insights from the smart, savvy advice in “The Twitter Book.”

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57“Twitter Power”

Learn how to turn your business into a Twitter success story from the expert on making money online.

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61“Twitter Revolution”

The book “Twitter Revolution” helps you to stay on the cutting edge with a look at how Twitter is changing the business world (and how you can take advantage of it).

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64“Twitter Means Business”

This book argues that if your company isn’t on Twitter, you’re probably missing out on a valuable opportunity.

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84“Twitter API: Up and Running”

If you’ve always wanted to make a Twitter app but didn’t know how, check out this handy manual.

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94“Twitter for Dummies”

This is a Dummies book, but it’s not just for dummies, as it takes readers through topics from getting started with Twitter to using it for business.

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98“The Twitter Technique”

This guide dishes out tips on using Twitter to leverage your product and target a specialized niche audience.

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