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Google+ isn’t a Facebook killer. But is it a Twitter and Tumblr killer?

Google made a big splash with its social network, Google+, and ever since, the tech world has been calling it a Facebook killer. But for all the similarities, Facebook and Google+ are actually very different creatures, and Google+ instead seems poised to threaten the popularity of trendier social networks like Twitter and Tumblr. Here are […]

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Summify helps you avoid information overload with periodic social network summaries

Between Facebook, Twitter, and all of your favorite RSS feeds, there’s a lot to keep track of every day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the near-constant barrage of information available online.

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RockMelt browser brings surfing and social networking together

It might look like Google Chrome at first, but RockMelt is an interesting new browser (in an already crowded sea of browsers) that aims to integrate social networking and sharing into the web browsing experience like never before.

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Create your own Twitter newspaper

With, a startup that’s currently in “alpha” mode, you can create your own Twitter newspaper. And what’s a Twitter newspaper? Well, it’s a bunch of links shared on Twitter that’s presented in a web newspaper-style format.

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Will Twitter help you find a job?

Twitter is being touted as a tool for job-hunting.

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Robyn’s latest music video takes interactivity to a whole new level

In today’s digital world, it’s becoming more and more common for us to shape our own environments — including the media we consume.

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Tweet this: the celebrity Twitter war

Twitter might have started off as a niche network for techies and social media early adopters, but now the most famous people in the world have hopped on the 140-character bandwagon and are vying to have the most followers.

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On Twitter: Britney Spears

The pop princess broke records this year by becoming the first person on Twitter to reach 5 million followers.

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A full set of features and super-flexible customization options make this Twitter app a no-brainer for Android users.

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