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“Jorge and Alexa Narvaez sing the Magnetic Zeros”

You sing a song with your young daughter, and the next thing you know, you’re an Internet star. Yes, it happens.

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Brain Pickings: 14 children’s books by famous writers of “grown-up” literature

Brain Pickings is a wonderful weekly e-newsletter about culture, and it recently featured a pair of reviews of children’s books written by famous authors, from Mark Twain to Virginia Woolf.

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Consumer Reports picks top 3 digital cameras for kids

Consumer Reports has an excellent report with information on the top digital cameras for kids.

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Kids are after tech gifts this year, no doubt about that. You think your 7-year-old is content with a board game?

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3 best balance bikes to get your child bike-riding

You want your child to learn how to ride a bike? Then you should consider buying what’s known as a balance bike (or sometimes a running bike), such as the Kazam, Skuut, or Strider.

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3 best digital cameras for kids

Kids love digital photography, and if you’ve got a camera in your house—and if you’re a parent, you do!—then they’re probably looking to snap images with yours.

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“Sesame Street Mad Men”

You might not expect a children’s show to spoof such a serious adult drama, but when it happens, it totally works.

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“Charlie Bit My Finger”

Videos of kids are cute enough on their own, but add a British accent and they’re simply irresistible.

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3 best video cameras for kids

With the massive popularity of video-streaming sites like YouTube, it seems like everyone wants to get in on the video-making craze—including your kids.

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“Bacon Kid”

ABC’s “Wife Swap” is a neverending source of entertainment, but this kid provides the kind of dramatic blowup usually reserved for the adults.

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