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“Tootin’ Bathtub Baby Cousins”

These hilarious babies sure know how to make bubbles on their own—by passing their own gas!

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“11 month baby weighs 61 pounds”

A short video showing an 11-month-old baby who weighs 61 pounds, the average weight of an 8-year-old kid.

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“Charlie Bit My Finger”

Videos of kids are cute enough on their own, but add a British accent and they’re simply irresistible.

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The complete resource for parents-to-be, or parents who’ve already got a child (or a growing brood). Parenting isn’t always easy, and BabyCenter is here to help.

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The cyberplace for women from NBC Universal, dealing with style, beauty, love, homemaking, dieting, marriage, and all sorts of entertainment.

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Babies R Us

Coochie coochie coo, we’ve got something for you. Cribs, diapers, toys, and everything else for babies.

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