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“Milk Man: World’s Worst Superhero”

So this is weird and sorta disgusting, but admittedly hilarious: a superhero who’s all about preventing crime by vomit-like blasts of milk.

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“Raptor Devours Cheerleader”

Aren’t sports mascots supposed to be harmless. Watch the Toronto Raptor approach and then devour a cheerleader during a basketball game.

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“He Wolf”

This nearly shot-for-shot remake of Shakira’s “She Wolf” video just might be the most disturbing thing you’ve seen all day

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“Greatest Freakout Ever”

This kid’s so crazy that you can’t help but wonder if the whole thing is staged, but it’s still funny in an awkward, painful way.

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“Jones BBQ and Foot Massage”

Is there any better combination than barbecued meat and a foot massage? Of course! A foot massage with barbecue sauce.

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“Moo and Oink”

If this ridiculous commercial doesn’t make you want to buy meat products, then I don’t know what will.

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