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You have decided your 1994 Saturn just doesn’t cut it any longer—not with its 122,245 miles, not with its malfunctioning exhaust system, not with its 1990s-era radio. You want something new—you’re thinking a Honda Civic, maybe, or a Toyota Prius, or maybe you’ll go American and check out what Ford’s peddling these days. Yes, you want a new car, and you want your Saturn to morph into someone else’s problem. At, you can take a step in the right direction to remedying both of these problems. You can research new cars, with plenty of resources and reviews, including Kelley Blue Book values, and you can post an ad (with photos, and with an honest description) of your old car. At, you have all of the resources you need to buy a new car, sell your used one, and be on your zippy way with a new minivan, SUV, hybrid, or whatever it is you decide to buy. Even better, the site’s Green Guide includes articles on topics like “Top 25 Used Fuel-Efficient Cars” and “How Can I Go Green?”


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