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Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants

This isn’t your average wine store. Not at all. If you’re just after a $10 bottle of Merlot, then you should probably head elsewhere. But if you’re the type who trolls wine publications, if you’re likely to seek out vineyards on your vacations—if you are, let’s face it, a wine fanatic—then Twenty Twenty is a must-see destination. From California Cabernets to Israeli Golan Heights Chardonnays, Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants has just about every type of wine you can imagine. Yet that’s not all; even with its compendious wine selection, the wine connoisseurs at Twenty Twenty realize that vino isn’t for everyone, and they also offer the hard stuff, with offerings of whiskey, tequila, rum, and everything in between. But wine’s the main thing here, and if you’re looking for a hard-to-find vintage—in particular, those wines earning a Wine Spectator rating of 98 through 100—then you’ll probably locate it here. Just remember: Don’t drink and order online, or you may end up with a lot more product than you need or want.


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