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Tiny Showcase

Ever wish you had the kind of house that people walked into, then oohed and ahhed upon witnessing the impressive collection of art on the walls? But instead all you’ve got is a hodge-podge of B-grade DVDs and CDs in crumbling IKEA cases? Tiny Showcase sells limited edition prints for the same price as books and CDs, so now there’s no excuse not to start building your art collection. Each run of prints is printed on quality paper, such as archival Hahnemühle German Printmaking Paper, with a range of images as obscure as dogs fishing from water towers, to bold, comical pop art and placid watercolors. Tiny Showcase houses work from established and up-and-coming artists such as Jen Corace, Keith Shore, Gavin Potenza and Alika Cooper. There is a new print available each week, with select prints available on tshirts so you can take the art to the streets.


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