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Whether you’re the top chef of the family, aspiring to be Rachel Ray, or just the bachelor who thinks it’s time to manhandle a spatula now and then, you can find something at This is not a spot for the lazy cook who wants a lousy pan. offers everything from cookware to unique recipes, and the site’s unique selection of cookware and appliances is what makes the site a genuine attraction for the sort of cook who’s a fan of cooking shows and cookbooks, from Julia Child to Mark Bittman (of “How to Cook Everything” fame). Yogurt makers, onion goggles, sashimi knives, specialty grill ware—those are just the tip of the ice cube. Easily navigated, you can efficiently find an enticing recipe to cook in your newly acquired ice cream maker or slow cooker. Or if you’re just looking to collaborate with other cooks, head to the forums where discussions about recipes and wine happen at all hours, likely with a computer at the kitchen table as a meal simmers on the stove. Engaged? Couples can also look to to set up a gift registry. Don’t fret about your next cooking decision. Just turn to

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