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Street Tech

If you like techie gear, either to buy or just think about buying, Street Tech gives you on-target, informative reviews of all sorts of devices, most of a digital sort. The site’s motto says it all: “Hardware Beyond the Hype.” Street Tech’s reviews—sometimes rants—cover the techno-scene, from digital cameras and trackballs to speaker systems and computer cases. Even if you’re not a techie or a self-pronounced geek, you’ll still find info of interest at Street Tech. Among the several topics of interest, from gadgetry to entertainment and miscellaneous, fascinating info and items can be found next to the hardcore gadgets. Here’s one everyone can appreciate: a cassette tape box encapsulating a USB drive to create a mix tape for the 21st century, with all the retro vibes. Get the real deal from the experts on the top technology out there.


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