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Ed Z Studios

There sure are some interesting people out there, and photoblogger Ed Zawadzki is one of them. While you may think, “Great, another blog,” you’ll find that Mr. Zawadzki’s F/1.0 photoblog provides the web-surfer/photographer with something a bit more useful than the typical series of ramblings. Sure, his blog offers, along with photography tips and hints, accounts of what he did last Saturday afternoon and a portfolio of his work; but it also offers insight into the why. If you’re wondering what gets photographers going, or looking for a few words of wisdom to get you going, take a look at his short bio, an interesting account of why he got into photography in the first place. There are a lot of photoblogs out there. When looking for one to follow—or, let’s be honest, to stalk—direct your browser to one that answers all your questions, both technical and personal.

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