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Photography may be more of a hobby for you, but you still want to know what people think of your photographs—not professional critics with agendas and bills to pay, but regular, ordinary people. With Zannel, you can upload photos from your digital camera or phone, post them with clever captions, and watch the comments roll in. Here’s your chance: You can document your world, whether you’re witnessing a bonafide news event or just hanging with your buddies. That picture of you and your dad in “Star Wars” Wookie costumes? Go ahead and share it, and see if anyone thinks it’s as funny as you do. It’s the age of sharing; why not share your creative side, the side your friends don’t always see? You don’t have to be on the payroll of a publication to take photos worth viewing. And hey, you might just get noticed by someone you want to get noticed by.

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