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Want to see some of the most amazing photographs, ever? Then head to Corbis, a library of digital images for creative professionals, as well as everyday folks. It’s the holiday season again, and you don’t want to send out a generic e-card featuring a singing tree or a trite poem. No, you want something different, something new. Enter Corbis, where you can tap into a seemingly endless resource for creative photography and strange and wonderful digital creations. The “Holiday Monster” tab lets you create and send a “Monster” e-card—try a Hanukkah card with a cat’s head and machine guns for arms. But the real attraction of Corbis is the Creative Boutique, where you can view an assortment of photos, some strange, some digitally enhanced. While some of these photos are available for purchase, others are offered for free. As Corbis shows, people are doing incredible things with digital photography. In fact, at times, you may not believe your eyes.

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