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Of all the sites aimed at helping photographers create websites to exhibit their work, clickbooq undoubtedly excels in its bounty of options and versatility. You, the photographer, maintain complete control over the website, ensuring that it will be nothing less than unique. Do you find that the gray background doesn’t suit the photo you just posted? No problem: The toolbox makes it possible to change the background as often as desired. Switch it to yellow, to blue, whatever you want, whenever you want. Clickbooq recognizes that a photographer’s portfolio is constantly evolving, and their website should reflect that. Create multiple designs, experiment, and save and recall them at anytime; your website will be a work of art in itself. Through the “Lightbox” feature, you can send a custom-compiled group of images to friends or print out comp cards with images and contact info, to get your name out there. With clickbooq, a click here and there will create the stunning home that your photos deserve.

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