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For those who are over-enthusiastic about, well, anything—from the Giants to the Jets, from “The Great Gatsby” to “The Catcher in the Rye”—websites created at are aimed at expressing that excess of enthusiasm and sharing it with fellow enthusiasts. Simply put, Wetpaint sites are blank canvases for devotees of, say, Cheech and Chong or Gladys Knight and the Pips, to paint their words of devotion on, created for free. Let’s say you have an obsession with ancient oligarchies or Talmudic tradition and you’re curious as to the technicalities of creating a website. Wetpaint will ease the way to creating your online presence without much hassle; a helpful introductory video explains the workings of Wetpaint sites, which are a combination of fan pages and message boards, blogs and traditional websites. But all you really have to know is that it’s relatively simple and much cheaper than expressing your obsession for “Sex and the City” to your therapist.

Visit Wetpaint.

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