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The only 3 TV blogs you’ll ever need

If you’re into TV as much as I am, you need a daily resource (or two) to fulfill your constant hunger for all things television. TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly may have been handy back in the day, but now blogs are where it’s at. The second a news story breaks, the blogosphere picks it up and dishes it out. There’s never been a better format for the instant distribution of the latest casting news, relationship rumors, and jaw-dropping plotlines.

And blogs have given power to the amateur TV critics who want to be heard. These bloggers, whose intense passion and enthusiasm for TV can’t be matched by professional paid critics, give a fresh, democratic spin on the world of broadcast entertainment.

Ben Mandelker, who operates B-Side Blog, got into blogging because of his passion for two things: television and writing. “Sometimes I just want to proclaim my love for a show from the mountaintops, and of course, sometimes I just want to bash a show (or a show’s direction) into the ground,” he said. “Plus, I’m a writer; so blogging keeps me fresh (I hope).”

Load these blogs into your RSS reader, sit back, and enjoy the show.

  1. B-Side Blog
    B-Side Blog really shines during “Big Brother” season in the U.S. The author offers readers valuable insight into the world of “Big Brother,” from personal accounts of what it’s like to be in the live audience to hilarious weekly “photocaps” that recap the episodes and perfectly capture each cast member’s personality through imagined captions of what they could be saying in each picture. When “Big Brother” is off the air, B-Side turns its witty eye to shows like “The Hills” and other reality shows that are just begging for a jab or two.
  2. TV Squad
    Missed an episode of your favorite show? No worries—TV Squad likely has an episode recap to get you all caught up. Or, if you’d rather watch the episode yourself, AOL Television is never more than a click away (AOL owns TV Squad), giving you instant access to free full episodes of many of your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your cubicle chair. In addition to all that, there’s plenty of TV news and gossip to keep even the most informed TV fan busy.
  3. The Telefile
    The Telefile’s outstanding feature is its up-to-date delivery of TV news. From early info on new shows in development to hot scoops on who’s leaving and who’s joining your favorite shows, The Telefile has every base of TV news covered. And with lots of snark to go around, you’ll never be bored. If that’s not enough for you, head on over to one of Television Without Pity’s other blogs, where it’s all TV all the time.

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