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7 sites for baseball fans to get all their news and stats

There are some people who believe there is nothing more beautiful than a baseball box score. And while they may be right, there is no need to stop there anymore. The Internet and blogosphere, combined with the rise of statistical minded baseball analysis that was pioneered by Bill James, have given birth to a wealth of baseball knowledge on the web. Whatever your favorite team is, there are probably ten great blogs covering it, but here are seven sites that cover the entire league, and are free as well. From the devoted stat-head with an advanced math degree to the average fan who just wants to know what his team’s front office is up to, there are great new blogs to feed every appetite.

  1. MLB Trade Rumors
    All advanced analysis aside, the most important thing you can know as a fan is still who is going where. MLB Trade Rumors scours the web for information about every team and provides all in one feed
  2. The Baseball Analysts
    Rich Lederer and friends examine the past, present and future of baseball. This site pulls together some of the best statistical analysts around, and even manages to look away from its pitch f/x data long enough to talk about baseball’s past.
  3. Baseball Daily Digest
    Baseball Daily Digest is the free affiliate of Baseball Prospectus, and uses cutting edge web technology to bring you news on the majors and the minors.
  4. FanGraphs
    FanGraphs has great articles, but the site’s true strength lies in having the most complete, and easiest to reference, set of advanced statistics on the web. And, yes, plenty of graphs.
  5. The Biz of Baseball
    Do you want to learn more about how your team thinks? Check out The Biz of Baseball to get deep reporting into the business side of baseball, and find out just how important territory rights are to your team’s decision making.
    This is the big boy. is the number one place to go for comprehensive data on your favorite players, both current and historical.
  7. Baseball Think Factory
    A couple of sabermetric experts who felt the field was becoming too obscure put Baseball Think Factory together. This site describes itself as being for the thinking baseball fan that doesn’t have an advanced degree in math, and it even accepts submissions, if you think you have something to say.

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