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Social networking sites are literally crawling everywhere you turn these days, from Facebook to Myspace to Bebo. Goodreads utilizes the popular networking mechanics of these sites to offer book-loving users a way to connect online and share their favorite reads. Besides creating a personalized reading profile, your own digital bookshelves, and gaining access to information on over 400,000,000 titles, Goodreaders receive recommendations on books they’re likely to enjoy, based on feedback gleaned from their friends and other users. This being a social networking site, however, there are discussion groups on plenty of reading-related topics, like submitting to a literary magazine. For those looking for a little interaction “in-person,” Goodreads also includes a handy book events section with information on book signings and writing workshops. Whether you’re a dedicated bookworm or casual bedtime reader, Goodreads is a great way of utilizing a network of reading enthusiasts.

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