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Stress, particularly in tough economic times, is around every corner. What’s even worse is that for every modern issue, from handling a tight budget to getting rid of clutter, there’s even more often conflicting advice on how to solve the problem. Zen Habits has helpfully collated advice on all these vexing issues into one easy, breezy and – dare we say it – Zen blog. Posts are organized simply by categories like “Productivity and Organization” and “Happiness,” which feature calming advice from writer Leo Babauta, who has conquered numerous modern obstacles like smoking, running marathons and eliminating debt, all by using Zen Habits’ strategies. Looking for a little extra motivation? Zen Habits also features an active forum where users share their success stories, give advice and complete life challenges together. Adopting a couple of Zen habits is a great way of taking control and incorporating calm into your life!

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