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Paul Gravett

You will find some articles about guys like Superman, Captain America and their many friends (or enemies) here, but Paul Gravett’s personal website focuses on a different breed of comics, such as: “The Leather Nun,” the best crime comics, graphic novels and manga. Gravett is the man to turn to for the best in underground comics. He has been covering the industry since the early 1980s and has written for major publications, though his best work may have been his own magazine, Escape, which only lasted 19 issues but still has comics critics pining. Gravett’s website is filled with articles documenting Superman creator Joe Shuster’s obsession with drawing his main character in S&M scenes, interviews with underground legends like Art Spiegelman, lists of the best British comics, analyses of President Barack Obama’s portrayal in comics and news about the most important upcoming comics events and books. Gravett is a legend who is still on top of his game.

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