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Orisinal: Morning Sunshine

The brilliant and simple collection of Flash-based games at Orisinal puts you in unique situations where you try to last as long as you can or collect as many points as possible. Imagine yourself as a panda running through a snowy bamboo forest while a relaxing Chinese-style tune plays gently in the background. Or a basket trying to catch as many shiny red apples at one time. That’s really as complicated as it gets— no complex rules to learn, no blood or violence— just purely fun games, with a healthy dose of beauty and art. But they are not as easy as they sound. They often require precise timing and mouse control, so they’re challenging without being too difficult. The beautifully-rendered graphics means they’re cute without being too cutesy. Also a bonus: The classical background music might fool your coworkers into thinking you’re cultured instead of bored.


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