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Upcoming Horror Movies

If blood, guts, thrills and chills are your kind of thing, get ready for the ultimate resource: Upcoming Horror Movies. Featuring news, reviews, pictures and videos on pretty much any horror movie in production, UHM gives the horror genre the spotlight it deserves, from mainstream fright flicks like “Friday the 13th” to the most obscure indie gorefests. If that weren’t enough, a set of links at the top of the page lists various genres within horror, such as “zombies,” “killers” and “sequels/prequels,” so you can find only the type of movie you’re interested in. There is a schedule for current and upcoming movies, so you can plan when to get your fright fest on. For learned fans and newcomers alike, UHM is a valuable tool for finding the latest info on movies you know and discovering hidden gems. UHM also gives horror fans a forum to discuss the genre through its message boards, where fans can comment on news and rumors and write their own reviews for others to read.

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