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All budding writers know how hard it is to get a book published; it can be a disheartening and lengthy process, leading, well, pretty much nowhere. Lulu understands the sudden urge to toss your laptop down ten flights of stairs and has put an end to the frustration. Enter Lulu’s on-demand self-publishing service. It’s as simple as uploading your manuscript and digital files, then using Lulu’s formatting tools to create your own publication. Lulu allows you to sell your book on the Lulu site and has an extensive catalogue featuring titles as varied “How to Become an Alpha Male,” “The Ultimate Tattoo Bible,” “You Can Beat Prostate Cancer,” and “Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck.” Here you can find inspiring self-help guides, adorable children’s books, unique recipe collections and just about every type of book you can think of. And, even better, you can stake a step toward publishing your own book.

Visit Lulu.

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