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Best web TV shows? Mashable’s got a top 10 list

Mashable’s got an interesting—and still evolving—project to track the best web TV shows (or webisodes). Which, when you think of it, is a useful idea. After all, we’re watching a lot more TV online, at YouTube and elsewhere, but it’s not always easy (in fact, it’s downright difficult, at times) to know what’s really hot.

Comedies currently top the list (“Fred” is at number 1), but news parodies and animation also make the list. And viewership is growing: “Overall, we saw a nice bump in online viewership across the board, totaling more than 93 million views for all shows that made our chart, which means that online audiences are more engaged than ever before.”

Here’s what Mashable says about the project:

Every month, with Visible Measures as our partner, we’re going to round up the top web TV series that are making their mark with online audiences. Video data is based on total online views for a series in its entirety (ie. not just a single episode) over the course of a month, and we’re limiting our analysis to fictional, reality, or character-driven online shows that produce episodic content, which means vloggers and news-oriented online series aren’t included in the monthly top 10 chart.

Check out the list at Mashable.

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