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Introducing Viral Video 100

Videos go viral on the web in the flash of a second. One minute there’s a video that’s been viewed by a few teen-agers and their buddies, and the next minute everyone’s seen it, or so it seems.

But how do you keep track of all of these videos—what’s fun, what’s new, and what’s the latest must-see viral sensation.

That’s the idea behind the Viral Video 100, Web100’s latest top 100 list. When there’s a new video sensation, we’ll have it here (and if we don’t, please let us know). The initial selection is the work of Matt Sevits, Web100’s assistant editor, and contributor Katherine Chen, who’ve had a fun time selecting videos in categories like Cute and Funny Animals, Geeking Out, Just Plain Weird, and People Acting Stupid.

Now it’s your turn to check out the list and watch some vids.

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