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Time’s top 10 lists of everything

You’ve got to admit: Time magazine knows how to do top 10 lists. And though we’re already in 2010, I’m finding there’s a lot of great material in Time’s uber-list of top 10 lists. In “The Top 10 Everything of 2009,” Time divides the year into categories, like political gaffes, animal stories, sports moments, scientific discoveries, iPhone apps, and more.

It makes for great reading—though you may feel, as you’re perusing the lists, that you’ve missed some things in 2009. But that’s the fun of it, isn’t it? The chance, with a list (well, 50 lists), to catch up on what you missed in the previous year.

For instance, number one in the scientific discoveries top 10 list is the Ardi skeleton found in Ethiopia:

With her long, elegant fingers, 4-ft. frame and a head no larger than a bonobo’s, it’s hard not to feel a certain fondness for little Ardi, the oldest skeleton of a prehuman hominid ever found. Painstakingly pieced together from more than 100 crushed fossil fragments unearthed in Ethiopia, this female specimen of Ardipithecus ramidus (Ardi, for short) lived 4.4 million years ago and had remained anonymous until 1992, when her fragments were first discovered.
As you’d expect, the list mixes news, politics, entertainment, and culture.

Consider the top album in the list— Brad Paisley’s “American Saturday Night”:

Country’s most underrated star capped a decade-long run of crisp, self-penned hits with his most complete album yet. The Obama tune (“Welcome to the Future”) attracted its share of ink, but Paisley’s liberalism, optimism and multiculturalism fall safely within the confines of Nashville’s most important ideology: commercialism.

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