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3 spots to monitor Apple tablet rumors

I admit it: I’m pretty much crazed with excitement about the prospect of an Apple tablet. (That was probably clear in a newspaper column I wrote on the topic.) After all, the iPhone made clear how intent the company (uh, Steve Jobs?) is on rethinking what digital devices can be and do. An Apple tablet isn’t likely to be an incremental advance in computing; it will almost certainly be a transformation of what a personal computer should be. Though I write about technology, I’m not really much of a gadget guy—the fewer, the better—but I’m definitely craving this tablet.

I say “this tablet” with some hesitation, as it’s not entirely clear it exists.

But that’s not stopping me, or anyone else, from writing about it, and there are plenty of spots out there to help you track news—well, rumors—about the iPad, iSlate, or whatever it’ll be called. You can even get a visual representation of tablet rumors.

  1. IT Blogwatch
    Computerworld’s IT Blogwatch is doing a stellar job of rounding up various tablet rumors, from the meaning of Apple’s acquisition of FingerWorks, back in 2005, to speculation of the number of units Apple is producing.
  2. Daring Fireball
    Smart and thoughtful ideas (and, yes, speculation) about the tablet from software expert John Gruber.
  3. AppleInsider
    If there’s news about Apple, AppleInsider will report on it. Recent headlines include “Claims of camera-equipped Apple tablet disputed” and “Apple tablet may ship with multi-touch version of iWork.”

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