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Echofon Firefox Extension

Twitter’s popularity as a social platform now means that users need the fastest and most convenient way possible to access their Twitter account and post the latest thoughts about their lives. Luckily for us, the makers of Echofon (formerly known as Twitterfox) have created a convenient extension to the Firefox browser that enables users to post and read their latest tweets from a handy application installed into the lower righthand corner of the browser window. A small icon appears when your Twitter friends have generated new updates, and you can respond by tweeting into a text input field. The brilliant thing about this tool is its unobtrusive nature — it offers all the convenience and user-friendliness of the Twitter website without getting in the way of your usual Internet-surfing habits. With Firefox becoming an increasingly universal alternative browser to Internet Explorer, Echofon is a great way of integrating Twitter technology into your everyday web browsing.

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