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Digg has always been about the social side of the Web, giving users control over what content is the most popular, important or relevant. But with the DiggBar, the folks at Digg took that social aspect one step further and made it even easier for you to share your favorite web content with everyone you know. Every page submitted to Digg now has the DiggBar at the top, which gives you the ability to “digg” that page, bury it, view the comments, and so forth. It also has buttons allowing you to e-mail that page, share it on Facebook or share it on Twitter. There’s really no work necessary on your part; click the button and a pop-up window appears with a pre-written tweet for you and an already-shortened URL. Even better: You can use the DiggBar to share content that isn’t yet submitted to Digg. Simply put in front of any web address, and it’ll generate a short link and add the DiggBar to the top of the page. Everyone can dig that.

Visit DiggBar.

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