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You could call it the Digg of the Twitter world, or maybe word-of-mouth for the 21st century. But Twitturly, which tracks and ranks all the URLs that people are talking about on Twitter, takes the idea of URL popularity contests to a different level. It ranks shared links based simply on how many people are talking about them — not whether or not people like them. It sounds simple, because it is. All Twitturly does is track and rank links, which is a refreshing change of pace in a world where so many websites are bloated with extra features, too much information and questionable models of popularity-ranking. Twitturly is easy to use, simple to browse and perfect to discover the next hot news item, picture or video you’ll be talking about all day. You can even enter your username on the My Top 100 page, and Twitturly will create a custom page of the links shared the most among the people you follow.

Visit Twitturly.

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