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iPad likely to disrupt these 3 industries

Derek Thompson, over at The Atlantic, has an interesting post about the iPad and how it’s likely to disrupt several industries. “This is about more than TV,” he writes. “Apple is starting a small revolution in three big categories.”

  1. E-readers
    Watch out, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. As Thompson notes, the iPad will be a lot more than just an e-reader: “To be successful to potential e-reader buyers, Apple will market the iPad as an all-encompassing entertainment hub that, oh by the way, can also read books. That means building a e-books platform but also the apparatus for consuming music, television, movies and forthcoming digital platforms.”
  2. TV
    Apple’s iPad may make it more likely people will be TV shows online, rather than in “bundles,” like cable: “People are used to paying for television, but (unless they’ve been downloading TV episodes from iTunes already) they’re not used to paying for individual pieces of TV content. We’ll see how this shakes out.” Will the iPad change how people pay for TV?
  3. Computers
    Thompson wonders whether consumers will want an entertainment machine, like the iPad, on which they can also work.

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