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Your camera is in your pocket

Cameraphones have typically been used for throwaway photos, but that’s all changing now, and there’s no better place to see this in action than the stunning, beautifully designed book by photographer Chase Jarvis,  “The Best Camera Is the One That’s with You.” The idea behind the book is quite simple: Use the camera that you’ve got. And the camera many of us have is the one with our phones—in Jarvis’s case, the iPhone camera.

Flip through the glossy pages of “The Best Camera,” and you’ll be wowed by what Jarvis can do with the iPhone camera (and, of course, a variety of apps for tweaking images). The images are vivid, they’re atmospheric, and they’re inspirational. They capture his world, likely in ways we might not have experienced if he didn’t have a camera as handy as the iPhone camera.

Visit a website connected to the book, and you’ll learn how it’s just one element of a “3-part ecosystem” consisting of the book, an online community, and an iPhone app.

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