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3 best pocket projectors for fun and business

Imagine if you could take a big, powerful projector and put it in your pocket. Pretty nifty, right? Well, that’s the promise of relatively new type of gadget, the pocket projector. Though these so-called pico projectors don’t offer the features and capabilities of more advanced (and hefty!) projectors, they do allow you to do quite a bit—namely, project your videos or PowerPoint presentations in a jiffy. But the technology is new, and it’s hard to decide what pocket projector is the right one for you. Here’s our choice of the top three.

  1. Aaxa L1 Pico Projector
    The Aaxa L1 projector is billed as “the world’s first laser powered pico projector,” with a 3-color laser light source for producing in-focus, color-saturated images. The intended audience for this? Both mobile professionals and those seeking a fun gadget. According to the company, it’s able to produce rich images even in less-than-dark environments; in darker environments the L1 can produce color-rich images up to 50″. A USB port lets the device read files directly off a thumb drive. Battery life is rated at 90 minutes.
  2. Aaxa P2 Pico Projector
    The P2 micro projector uses a high-power LED to produce output at 800 x 600 resolution. Features include a direct VGA connector supporting up to 1280 x 720 resolution for laptop connection, an infrared remote control, and a microSD slot capable of reading up to 4GB cards. Battery life is rated at 35 minutes.
  3. Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector
    The Optoma PK102 pocket projector includes 4GB of internal memory and lets you display video and images right from a laptop’s VGA connection.

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