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Years ago, margarine was the miracle substitute for butter, alcohol was harmful, chocolate was junk food, and the yolk was the healthiest part of the egg. Now margarine is unhealthy, a glass of wine a day or a small serving of dark chocolate is encouraged, and “egg whites only” is a health-conscious request. If keeping up with the latest dietary requirements and recommendations for optimal health seems too difficult, there’s NutritionData. The website provides nutrition information, such as which foods contain certain nutrients and which vitamins and minerals your body needs on a particular day. There’s advice on diets and weight loss, but the main focus is to help the public gain a general understanding of the food we eat. This shift in priorities is incredibly refreshing. If knowledge is power, NutritionData gives you an arsenal of heavy artillery. Use it to fight the battle of the bulge or to make sense of the onslaught of food options available.

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