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Most honest people would probably admit that they wish they knew more about food and wine, but are afraid of looking foolish. Most food websites are over our heads. And cooking classes? Public humiliation is the worst kind. CHOW is a new kind of cooking website. It noticeably lacks the pretension that can make the bravest of us run back to our canned soups. The posts are simple, fun, and easy to understand. Recipes are the heart of CHOW, and you will find plenty of them here in simple language. But there is a lot more. CHOW has great tutorial videos on wine, food, cooking, and more. It also has posts on etiquette and the option to post your own content. CHOW’s discussion area, CHOWHOUND, has taken on a life of its own and become a go-to spot for people looking for food. Don’t let food snobs rob you of a good meal; remember: it’s all just chow.

Visit CHOW.

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