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The James Beard Foundation

With the influx of microwave meals and fast-food joints, it seems that more and more Americans are living to eat, rather than eating to live. The good people at the James Beard Foundation are committed to reminding us of the importance of food, not only in our everyday lives, but also as part of America’s cultural heritage. The JBF organizes an incredible amount of culinary activities, ranging from dinners cooked by celebrity chefs to conferences, workshops, and book signings, which take place either at the James Beard House in New York (yes, there is a house in New York dedicated exclusively to the love of food) or at various venues around the country. Committed to fostering the next generation of food lovers, the foundation offers generous scholarships to aspiring culinary students. With an easy-to-navigate events calendar and a regularly updated news-and-education section, the JBF is a great place to inspire or reignite a passion for food and the culinary arts.


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