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It’s a familiar scene: You’ve only got one or two seemingly disparate ingredients left in the fridge or pantry, and you have no idea how to magically bring them together into an edible dinner. Before you turn to some artificial frozen meal, though, check out Far more extensive than many other recipe sites, features a vast array of recipes, usefully arranged by themes such as “Kid-Friendly” and “Slow Cooker.” is also home to the fantastic “Dinner Spinner” iPhone application, which allows users access to recipes on the go by selecting, for instance, their main ingredient and allotted cooking time. More of a visual learner? has videos not just for recipes but also for cooking basics like thawing frozen ground beef. For chefs seeking more specific culinary advice, head over to the “Recipe Exchange,” a lively community that shares recipe ideas, problems, and helpful cooking tips. isn’t just a place for all your recipes; it’s also a way to solve any cooking issue.


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