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Smoker Cooking

The thought of smoked meat alone is enough to start any man’s mouth watering. The smell? The sight? Our stomachs start grumbling. The idea of cooking it? That’s where we start to get a little bashful. But help is here. Smoker Cooking is an easy-to-use reference that even the most kitchen-phobic guy can figure out. This site will hold your hand from the first step to the last, starting with choosing a smoker, which supplies to buy (with links to buy them directly), which meat to use, step-by-step recipes, and much more. Smoker Cooking covers all the basics: ribs, brisket, poultry (including that Thanksgiving turkey), salmon, and other meats. There are also great recipes for grilled vegetables, baked beans, and other sides, as well as your own rubs, marinades, and sauces so that you can make your smoked masterpieces truly be your own.


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