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As defined in The Culinate Dictionary, culinate means “to consider health, the environment, and community when deciding what to eat,” which is exactly the purpose of this website. Culinate considers food from the angles of health, taste, and the environment, and elicits all types of culinary information from professional chefs, humorists, and everyday foodies. The wide variety of vantage points means you’ll get all the information you need to make an informed decision about the foods you eat. The site’s blog, cleverly named Fritter, helps to build a strong niche community, and a weekly live chat known as Table Talk is one of the site’s unique features. The best component of Culinate is Graze, which gives a small sampling of what different sections of the website have to offer that day. The site’s highlighted articles are interesting and informative; an article known as “In Defense of Chocolate” was a favorite. A comprehensive way to up your culinary IQ, Culinate is worth sinking your teeth into.

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