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Vinography: A Wine Blog

Alder Yarrow holds the title for being the first wine blogger ever, and his blog, Vinography, remains one of the most influential websites in the wine world. Vinography strives to be a reliable source on wine, and Yarrow refuses advertising from wineries, wine growers, or wine production companies. Vinography features reviews and recommendations — even the occasional “don’t buy” (the 2005 Torres Mas Rabell) — as well as reviews of wine books, restaurant reviews from the contributor’s travels (including one from Cairo), and general wine news. It is all done with an earthy style that blue-collar wine lovers will appreciate. Wine is a great drink, and sometimes a classy one, but that doesn’t mean writers can’t point out that cocaine is now cheaper than wine, and then implore readers to stick with the Cabernet. The fact that this is the original wine blog doesn’t mean it can’t also be the freshest.

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