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Peapod doesn’t simulate the grocery shopping experience. Peapod improves upon it. Instead of craning your neck to see what aisle the cat food’s in, use Peapod’s simple, brightly colored navigation menu to fly through this week’s grocery shopping. Forgot the soy milk? Click over to “Organics,” then in seconds hop back over to “Canned Foods.” And guess what? Absolutely no physical activity is required, unless you count the tapping of your fingers. Peapod’s got everything you want and need, grocery-wise, from the diapers to the dairy to chopped meat, bananas, and beyond. You can create a shopping schedule that’s convenient for you—whether you need those items delivered to your door tomorrow morning, a few nights from now, or in two weeks. With service like that, Peapod really is the best idea since sliced bread.

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