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3 best turntables to transform LPs into MP3s

Admit it: You’ve still got LPs, and maybe even some 45s, that you haven’t turned into MP3 files for your iPod or Zune. After all, it’s quite a chore to turn your CDs into digital music files. And LPs? That’s a whole other level of complexity.

Fortunately, the Ion Audio LP 2 CD audio player eases the way toward transforming your much-loved LP collection into tunes for your digital music player. But going from LP to CD to MP3 is one step too many.

It’s now possible to go straight from vinyl to digital, which should make it easy for even the staunchest of vinyl supporters to enjoy the best of both worlds.

  1. Ion Audio TTUSB 10
    The Ion Audio ITTUSB 10 is ideal for archiving your records and preserving them for years to come. With the iTTUSB 10, it has never been easier to preserve your most memorable music favorites to digital media, such as CDs, hard disk, or portable media devices. The iTTUSB 10 sports a sleek design and includes easy-to-use audio recording software for your computer. And with a stereo input (1/8-inch minijack), you can also digitize music from cassettes or other analog sources!
  2. Ion Audio Profile LP Vinyl-To-MP3
    Multitaskers and DJs are sure to love this USB turntable, also from Ion. Just plug it into any PC or Mac, and you’re ready to start recording. It features an attractive, unobtrusive design (so your vinyl will look classy and modern) and a hinged dust cover to keep your records safe. Furthermore, it doubles as a home stereo or DJ turntable, so you can use it at home for your personal collection, or at work for your club selections.
  3. Crosley CR249 Keepsake USB Turntable
    If you’re looking for something ultra-portable and discreet, look no further than the Crosley Keepsake USB Turntable. Housed within a hinged and handled suitcase-like exterior, this turntable offers easy storage and transportability for people who either don’t use their vinyl frequently or need to use it on-the-go. And since it’s equipped with built-in stereo speakers and the ability to play 33 1/3s, 45s, and 78s, it will get the job done no matter what you throw at it.

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