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Yeah, yeah, yeah…but what is it?

There’s a new website out there for photo-fanatics (or the easily distracted), that allows anyone with a camera phone and mobile internet service to anonymously upload pictures to their page. Yeah Yeah Yeah is a little bit like a slideshow meets a Facebook newsfeed, in that the site is nothing more than pictures to scroll through, and as new pictures get submitted, older ones get bumped down (and the oldest one disappears into cyberspace). Because anyone can submit, pictures range from funny, to beautiful, to random, to the kinds your phone seems to snap on accident when it’s in your pocket floating around. It’s one of those hit or miss experiences that you’re destined to bookmark or loathe, but either way it’s worth checking out. It may just be the perfect place to send that one picture on your phone that you just can’t get yourself to delete.


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